i don't think i can ever understand what goes through their mind of the people behind the counters that moves like a sloth and having a chatty mouth that goes a mile among themselves.
like just now, when i was at the post office, i purposely when to one that is quiet and quite far away.
i got there, and there i was standing waiting upon this guy behind the counter while he arrange his money in the drawer.
and even knowing i was there, he one by one press away all the "dog-ears" on the money notes and only got to me when he finished arrange the money notes by color.

I stared at him and funnily he was so NONCHALANT about my existence and was even eaves dropping on his colleague talking to another customer and even spare some time looking over at the other customer.

i think thats why i like fast pace places like hong kong for instance.
most ppl behind the counter they act like moving humans and not like sloths.

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