my half japanese cousin.

my aunt and lil cousin brother came back to Malaysia for a visit.
It's been roughly 5years since the last visit.
she brought back some of his school supplies and homework and show to us his meal time table at school.

looking at this monthly menu makes me wish i was in his school.
i think this is one way to make kids look forward to going to school everyday! hahha
if you want extra bowl of rice, you have to make sure you finish it.
that's the only rule.
the canteen is very pro health- which is something the locals here should aim for.
milk is vital. they love their milk and green tea. well, my cousin love the milk and green tea.

and i think this is cool : birthday greeting book!
with this, you are sure to get a whole lot of greetings on your birthday!
the school my cousin is in has this tradition where each classmate has to pen down their greetings on a page
and the teacher will then collect and bind it in all in a little book and give it to the birthday baby. so cute isn't it?


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