rest in peace

i was at a gig today when i bump into an old friend of mine.
it has been years! and as we got along talking about the present and what's been around
i remembered his buddy and ask him how he was doing.
he told me that he passed away early this year, in January.

my heart sank.
that chap was a great young golfer with a kind heart.
he was one friendly lad and i was just thinking about him when i was reading the golf
section just recently.

really sad that i couldn't catch up with him, just yet- well, when i get up there i will.
but till then,
sigh :( really sad that i couldn't see him or call to catch up
right now.

and when i look him up in facebook,
its super heartbreaking reading his wall post-
his friends are still messaging with their goodbyes and misses.

but i find comfort that he is up there in heaven.

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