in literally 24hours after confirming my attendance, i found myself packing 20kg of clothings and shoes (heavy) and was waiting to board the plane to Perth.
I've never been there and i had no time to stop and think or understand the state i am in. It was super rushed to say the the least but thank God for favors and my sister being a great angel in settling things i couldn't on my own, in that 24hours.

little kid sitting next to me was crying when i got on the plane,
he slept not long after the take off (phew)
i slept when he got up and thank God he didn't reach the annoying stage.

reached Perth at around 1am and got stopped like thrice and was escorted to the side-(because i was travelling alone?!) checked my bags and checked my laptop and a truck load of Q+A's later i was out.

so here i am writing in the foodcourt in Carillion City packed with working crowds,
and i am so happy to be online with free wifi.
the hotel is charging AUD39 a day for internet and its just crazy.
I was really hoping to blog fresh out of the day in Perth but just couldn't till today (and i have just another 30mins to spare) before meeting my new friend from Singapore who is down for the same event- Perth Fashion Festival.

I notice that i am using alot of "LAH" which i am not proud of.
i should filter it, now.
The afternoon will see me, and the lovely ladies from juice and style sg roaming in Mount Lolly.
It's sunny today! Coffee has been great and i found a nice spot to eat pizza.
The gala dinner is tonight and it's kindda the wrap up for the "week".
and southpark on TV has been a bonus. keke

nonetheless, there's definately a higher purpose for me being here,
don't know it yet but the next >48 hours or so- i am expecting "something".
I hope to accomplish everything You have planned for me.
Thank you God!

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