Colour Riche® Serum Infused


There is no excuse for dry lips anymore with Colour Riche® Serum Infused; only intense colour and ultra-smoothness.

Available in 16 shades, pick your favourite hue and start giving your lips the softness it deserves with Colour Riche® Serum Infused. Get it at all L’Oréal counters nationwide for only RM33.90. The all-new Colour Riche® Serum Infused is available December 2010 onwards.

The shades I got:

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Just like everything else with makeup, picking the right hue for your complexion is key to a brighter smile. Follow this Colour Riche® Serum Infused guide to see what works for you!

FAIR SKIN TONE Use lighter colours like pinks and peaches like Colour Riche® Serum Infused Tropical Coral, Peach Fuzz, Tender Pink and Sugar Plum. Go bright and bold if you want but make sure to keep the rest of your face bare for a stunning look that focuses just on your lips.

MEDIUM SKIN TONE Good news if you have medium skin tone; you can practically pick almost any colour to go with your complexion! The trick is to experiment to find one that suits you best. Go sheer pink for a natural day look (like Colour Riche® Serum Infused Peony Pink) but up the sizzle effect by night with a deep red that brings the spotlight to your lips (try Colour Riche® Serum Infused Classic Wine).

DARK SKIN TONE Go for one of two extremes – dark and deep hues for a sensual look or light and shimmery for a fresh but elegant look. Dark colours like berries, caramels and reds work wonders for your skin tone as well. The favourites? Colour Riche® Serum Infused Wild Plum for dark and deep, and Colour Riche® Serum Infused Gilded Pink for light and shimmery.

OLIVE SKIN TONE Finally, for those with olive complexion, try neutral shades or dark purples to bring out the warmth in your complexion. Berries, plums and neutrals bring out your lips but stay away from true reds, as these often clash with your complexion. Colours recommended: Colour Riche® Serum Infused Nature’s Blush, Spiced Cider, Make Me Blush, Toasted Almond and Cinnamon Toast.

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