notepad: worth of things.

3 days into May and I am with 4 new nail lacquers!
It's too many too fast but what's done can't be undone and all to embrace.

For the extremely long weekend...I spent great amount of time with a few favorite people while learning the little pieces about them, good or bad- i know a little more now about me through them and the way to accept the new found antic of the present state of things.

While driving back, I noticed that I've come to understand that certain feeling- it's either you are comfortable or not comfortable at all (with the people you just met), no in betweens.
It's one feeling you can't even lie to yourself!
It effortless when you find a comparable group of people, and from there on... it will only make sense when need arises to embrace the differences (2ways) that will surely come- knowing that they are worth it (because to them, you are worth their feelings too).

Anyway, I'm grateful for the little antidotes :)
Into the midnight~ before the cakes and coffees and that romantic movie, we played with hair tongs and eye liner.



I have on turquoise for this week!
AND i still want to go to a theme park!!


oh, i wanna DYE!!

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