5 things: products of use.


1) Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Gel. - got a sample of it and bought a tub a week after that. Been using it for months now! It's perfect for our oven weather!

2) Sally Hansen's Hard as Wraps. - chlorine from the pool does make nails thin and i didn't know about this fact till i got home one day after a swim and noticed that my toe nails have thinned and chipped off- halfway. I've just started using it, i sure hope it helps!

3) Garnier Light BB Moisturizer. - i say use it if you have been using Garnier's moisturizer. It's not my personal cup of tea since my skin doesn't take "fairness" products well and I don't really like BB creams in general- but for all it's worth, it's a steal!. I'm however pretty excited to try on the BB eye roll on- which i saw in Hong Kong but forgot to buy because of the many distractions -_-''.
I'll just be patient and wait for it to drop, in KL.

4) L'Oreal's Curl Impact Collagene Mascara.- oh, i totally love opening and using a new tube of mascara-this baby works like magic! (reminds me of the Lancome mascara i used to love using-this is only fraction of the price! RM59.90) Lash close-up= lashes amplified, all day long! currently using it and glad to have it in my makeup bag!

5) Halls extra strong candy.- the only candy flavor after anytime I'll pay for and crave for.

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