how's your V-ZONE?

" Out of sight, out of mind? "
How well do you understand your V-Zone? Do you even care? I hope you do!

I've been using pantyliner ever since the start of high school and I must say that it's part of my lifestyle now. It does make a world of difference having it on and knowing that it helps prevent unnecessary infections that comes from poor hygiene care below!

...and girls! remember (when in the WC) wipe it inside out, not outside in!! ^^

“Caring for one’s V-Zone is an important part of a woman’s overall health and well-being” said consultant gynaecologist Dr Premitha Damodaran.
If feminine health is neglected, infections and illnesses can occur and this will affect her health as well as self-confidence.”

To help increase awareness of the importance of feminine health, Kotex has introduced its new-and-improved range of Kotex Fresh Plus liners to help women revolutionize the way they care for their V-Zone.

For daily use and care, Kotex Fresh Plus is the first ever liner proven to protect your V-Zone!.
It comes in three variants and my favorite is the Ultra V-Care :

• Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V-Care keeps the V-Zone healthy by inhibiting the growth of yeast and unhealthy bacteria which can cause infections. With its anti-bacterial properties, it’s the first liner proven to protect and care for your V-Zone!

• Kotex Fresh Plus Gentle Care is pH-balanced and specially developed for sensitive skin. Dermatologically-tested against allergies and irritants, it helps to keep the V-Zone fresh and comfortable without triggering skin irritation.

• Kotex Fresh Plus Designs has attractive colourful designs with a mild natural scent to help soothe your senses.

Keep these three easy tips in mind!
1. V-Check
It shouldn’t be “out of sight, out of mind”. You’ve got check your V-Zone regularly to make sure everything is all right.

“Women need to be constantly aware of their bodies,” says Dr Premitha. “Symptoms like unusual smells or discharges, irregular periods or spotting between menstruation cycles are warning signs, and you should see a doctor to determine if there is a problem that needs treatment.”

2. V-Cleanse
Don’t under-clean or over-clean your V-Zone. Be sensitive and don’t use chemicals or fragrances that may break the harmonious natural balance of your V-Zone.

Said Dr Premitha: “The oils and discharge naturally present in the V-Zone help to protect and keep the area healthy, hence unnecessary cleansing removes this protection and makes the V-Zone vulnerable to infections. Instead, all you need to keep your V-Zone clean is warm (not hot) water and a mild soap for the surrounding area only when necessary.”

3. V-Protect
Protect your V-Zone by allowing it to “breathe” - wear cotton underwear and replace pads or tampons regularly during your period. Also, start the habit of using liners daily to keep your V-Zone dry and fresh all the time but do make sure you change it at least every four hours!

Kotex Fresh Plus liners are available at all major hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies, at RM7.70 (pack of 32) and RM4.90 (pack of 20).
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