noodle trend: jjapa-guri / 짜파구리

apparently, this is the trending noodle trend in Korea at the moment.
i had it for supper probably a week ago and thought it was quite cool and yummy!
(being a jjapagetti fan since forever makes eating it this way- ...fresh!)
...and i went on taking pictures, to blog about it over the weekend.

And so, as I was flipping a thru a korean fashion magazine today- they had this featured!
it must be something bigger than i initially thought...

hmm.. do have a try!!
buy the same noodle brands ok? both brands are available in Malaysia.

**the bottomline:
dry + wet noodles = dry noodles with a hint of spicy-ness (from the supposedly soup noodle)
- boil the noodles as how you would  > drain the water > leave the noodles in the pot whilst adding in the powder flavorings!

tip:add some water as you go along mixing it as the noodle tends to be sticky.

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