on Kiehl's samples and satisfaction.

Did you know that you can walk up to any Kiehl's store in Malaysia to get a free skin consultation and take home 5 samples to try even before you plan to consider committing to it? 


We have always believed in our “Try Before You Buy” sampling philosophy - confident that if we can just get our formulas into the hands of our customers, they will appreciate the fine quality...

if you think that's good, this is even better-  Kiehl's Malaysia has recently launch their "Kiehl's 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee" policy which allows you to have a full refund within 30 days of purchase if the full size babies you bought doesn't satisfy you!

It's a safe and smart investment if you are considering on a new item/brand and don't want to risk your hard earn cash on the possibilities of a bad reaction...

Anyways, last August I had my consultation done and I was given a few recommended samples to try on and also those that would compliment my current skincare range that I was using at home.
...of course, there were a few misses on the samples that I tried but there were hits like the ULTRA range (namely, ultra cleanser and cream)  that I've been using ever since!

... and well, a few others not shown in the picture ^^.

I hope something in Kiehl's works for your skin, or hair because i do understand how frustrating it is- when something doesn't.

*for more details or queries, you can follow their facebook page here!
and oh! while you are at it, maybe you should consider asking a sample of the new BB cream!

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