Sanmotoonge: Coffee Prince Cafe (hill top drama location)

If you've watched Coffee Prince, you might remember this location. 
It's the location of the house with the fluffy dog and the morning newspaper delivery scene!
The place is now huge cafe with lots of tables indoor and outdoor nonetheless- packed! but if you go at around might get a little more privacy and room to roam around and take pictures.

Since the cafe is located right at the hilltop- the view is splendid. 
However, if you not going with a car... the hike up could take 25-30mins and with the current weather- it's gonna be pretty sweaty and exhausting but then if you have the time and no where else to go in Seoul, you should consider this atas place!

Take that stroll and reward yourself with a slice of mille crepe!

I found a site with detailed direction on how to get there, here.

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