first snow / 첫눈

It's technically still Autumn but yesterday on Monday while I was waiting for the lights...
what it seemed to be falling leaves ended being the first snow instead!
it came quite demurely like flaking in a pinch of salt into your stew then it hastily poured- snow pour like an uncapped salt shaker!!
There I was... alone in the diner, having my salted caramel ice-cream whilst looking up at the snow and I wanted to scream IT'S SNOWING!!!! of course I didn't but I couldn't be any more content that I was out having something sweet while it happened.

I must have been enjoying it that the table of ahjumma's in front of me pointed out to the waiter and ordered the ice-cream after their meal.

Sea salt caramel popcorn ice-cream, Tasting Room.

Location: Hangangjin, Line 6 (Exit 2).
Walk all the way straight till you see the Audi Showroom, turn in and it will be on your left. (Just right beside Glamorous Penguin)

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