Hanjeongsik / 한정식

If you are in the mood for a feast, Hanjeongsik is a great choice although it can be quite pricey for a meal. An average set will set you back US$40-$90 per pax (excluding drinks) and of course, you'll get more if you pay more.
Hanjeongsik simply is a traditional style Korean set-meal that consist of a score or more small dishes.
Over the weekend, the birthday girls chose this chain Hanjeongsik restaurant called "Sanneri" (Insadong branch) for a cozy royal dinner.
I would say that I've had better ones (like the pictures below) but nonetheless, it's worth the trip if you are craving for some in the city.

THIS!! is what a fancy Hanjeongsik would look like.
Of course it's way more expensive but with that you'll get a more refined presentation and delicacies like bigger chunks of beef ribs to prawns and all the fancy bites like a mouthful of ginseng to glazed chestnuts, etc that would make your parents proud glad they came to Korea for it! ^^

Pictures were taken from a Samsung S4.

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