5things: Current Beauty Products.

In no particular order, these are my 5 beauty products that I'm currently using.
The weather dropped drastically within a week and I find my lips chipping, skin cracking and always in need for a toilet break >.<

1. Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste - this face scrub is by far the most expensive scrub I've had to pay for and it's working pretty fine, I wouldn't say that this is life changing but I do believe that it's a good investment that my future would thank me for.

2. Johnson's baby oil Shea & Cocoa Butter - I needed to pay more attention to my skin when it started to be noticeably cracking! Especially now that it's even dryer in Winter... It does smells amazing and absorbs pretty quickly into my skin without that oily after effect and hopefully this oil thing confirms my intuition of it being more potent than regular lotions.

3. Biotherm AQUASOURCE Skin Perfection Eye - I'm almost finishing this and I know now that this roll on thing vs manual eye cream application is what makes the difference in me using it every single day! So if you are that chop chop kindda person, go with the roll on.

4. Mise en Scene Hair Serum - the Korean word for this brand is actually pronounced as "Mi-Jang-Sen" but never mind the confusing word play- I love this hair serum compared to the Redken diamond serum that's sitting around.

5. Lime Crime Wicked Velvetines - my choice matte lip color for this season! Makes a very sultry yet whimsical look for days when you don't feel like smiling with your teeth wide open.

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