The Bridal Party!

We didn't quite confirmed on a place for the casual shoot because I initially had no plans for a proper one till a week before the wedding!
After sitting down with MK on the ideas and the flow of the day, I knew then that my laid back idea was completely...backfired.
I had no idea what the bridal party should wear since it was such a short notice for the guys coming in from Seoul and my sister from Melbourne to do their last minute shopping. Hence we had to shop for our Bro-in-Law in Malaysia because the shops close after they get off work in Melb. Heh!
I couldn't find me a decent dress to wear! and I almost went to the shoot in my jeans till I made my plan B off shoulder top (that I custom made for my honeymoon trip) my choice attire.
Once, my outfit was confirmed...getting John prep was a breeze! John was such a darling reassuring me throughout the entire week while I went on an unexpected mood swing breakdown.
2 days before the wedding, we still did not have a confirmed venue for the shoot.
I had only one place in mind and I didn't know if it was even possible but I went ahead and left an Instagram message...It was heaven sent for such a favorable approval to shoot in Hit & Mrs that had me at ease the whole night through!

2hours later, we were in the car rushing to get dressed for the evening dinner!

Photographer: Munkeat Photography.
Hair and Makeup: Self styled.
Featured in The Wedding Notebook.

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