KIOSQUE (키오스크) - French Toast and Take Out.

I was introduced to a tiny takeout french toast place called KIOSQUE (키오스크). 
It's a really tiny lot with no table space what so ever- however it's pretty charming like those back alley coffee takeout pictures I always see in Casa Brutus.
The French Toast starts at 2,000won and the add on toppings are 1,000won extra with a variety of choices from banana all the way to blueberries.

Our lattes were served in vintage Seoul Milk cups that the owner got from his grandma's place. 
Jazz music was playing on the background while we dug into the egg soaked toast staring blank into the mountain that was smack at the front door.


Directions: Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3, Exit 1), walk straight turn right at the corner and keep left all the way- it is situated beside a school, at the corner.
키오스크 서울 종로구 필운동

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