Chinese Wedding Dinner Outfits.

This incomplete post has been sitting in the draft for about a month and just yesterday, our korean wedding pictures came in the mail and I knew if I didn't post this up right now- I might never.

Honestly, now that I've experience it myself do I fully understand the advice given to me by my married friends before we started the planning.

Weddings are as simple and complicated as you want it to be.

Sure, I would love to rewind and re-do some things and un-do some more things but as I sit here and look back on that day (and the days leading up to that day)... I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

All I can say is that I've never felt so spoiled with the support given especially when I don't feel like I've done anything to deserve such love from my friends and family who went out of the way and agreeing on last minute requests.

John had trouble sleeping because he was so nervous to do the YUM SENG (and I didn't know that we weren't suppose to say it ourselves) but recalling back the night is still hillarious!

I say "YUM"
you say "SENG"!

That cheongsam right there is custom made by my favorite seamstress.
I bought the fabric from a Hanbok cloth shop in Dongdaemun, had John help me take my measurements down and shipped the fabric to Malaysia 2 months before the wedding.
With the never ending opportunity to eat while I was back home- the bridal crash diet detox I was planning on doing completely stayed as a plan.
My final visit to the seamstress had me back on the self-control track when she told me that the cheongsam is looking tighter on me and that she couldn't do anymore alterations if I gain anymore.

I heeded her advice and shared a slice of pandan cake with 3 others when I could have it all to myself.

The sucking in the tummy night went by so swiftly , expeditiously! that I wished time could have slowed down for me to fully enjoy the night.

I'll stop saying if only I could to really getting on with a plan to host the ones who brought the party to us!

Did I just mentioned my 1st New Year's resolution? 

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