Happy Together, Park Hyo Shin.

Jessica Ling(@lingjessica)님이 게시한 동영상님,

Park Hyo Shin's concert was incredibly entertaining! His vocals are impeccable and the duration of the concert was the longest I've been (yet) that I needed to force myself out of the stadium at 11:40pm and sacrifice watching the encore performance to catch the last train home!

Having listen to his songs will I was in high school all the way to the traffic jams coming home from work and now listening live was quite surreal!
He has such a handsomely husky singing voice and a great stage presence.
The icing was the L.E.D wristbands that were placed on the our seats as gifts for us to wear- it's centralized and the colors that pop with the beat of the tune further amplified the entire atmosphere.

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