Tray Cafe, Plaza Damas.

Towards the last leg of my visit back home, my dear foodie friend introduced to me one of her favourite food spot- Tray Cafe in Plaza Damas where I had one of my best brunch/cake sessions to date!
If i'm not mistaken, the lunch menu changes daily and they will have it written on the main menu wall inside.
Being spoiled by the mushrooming beautiful cafe interiors- I was slightly taken aback when we got to Tray but when the food arrived at my out door ala mamak table spot, I knew I had to be back again for another meal or a few cake takeouts whenever I'm nearby.

The meal portions are quite generous with just the right amount of seasoning for the pasta and the burger patty was juicy! We chose salted caramel and red velvet cakes that day amongst the many choices present- the cakes are moist.
I love the quality of the food here despite the mamak-ish sitting atmosphere, haha.

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