American food at Itaewon.

Southside Parlour in Noksapyeong is a great pub place to get some American burger/taco fix. Dubbed as one of the most legit place on taste by westerners. Everything was good accept the waitress who cleared my drink without asking first and I wasn't even finished with it yet! She didn't quite ace her PR skills by replying that it looks empty. Sigh, everything cost money and they sure didn't bother with fixing the mistake!! Who wouldn't be mad!?
So keep your food and drinks in front of you even when you are looking at your friend's face in deep conversation and concentration. 


Linus BBQ.
We had this for my birthday, good food but not enough buns!
The Mac and Cheese (not pictured) was not superb, so skip that and order more buns and down it all with some IPA.

Directions: Take the subway to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6). Both places are walking distance from exit 3.

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