S.wine, Tropicana Mall.

Avis' bridal shower was set on a Monday and while most choice eatery closes on Monday, it sure was a tough task to scout for an area that serves up delicious delicacies (not hi tea kind of carbs) in a cozy setting...and by a chance of luck on the eleventh hour, Avis drove me pass Tropicana when I saw the neon lights spelled S.wine!
Went online and found pretty pictures of the interior, texted the bridal party and changed the venue!! I was ecstatic that we don't need to drive all the way to Publika for it now!

So yes! We spent 7 hours there that Monday, had late lunch snacks (read: salted egg yolk fries!!!), bacon ice cream, chatted and moved back to the dining area for dinner with the rest of the bridal party that had to work (hee hee). It was kinda crowded on a Monday night but no complains when I was able to eat the same lychee salad twice that day!
We ordered almost 70% percent of the menu but it's so hard to feed the feed when i'm all distracted with the food and conversations.

So, if you are looking for a place to host a bridal shower on a Monday, this is a great pick with parkings aplenty, lovely interior and the porkylicious food of course!

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