Prologue by Awesome Canteen.

This is a backdated post and these pictures were taken months ago when they first open their doors. The interior might have some additions now and maybe the menu is fuller but here are some snaps of what I had with my group of girls on a Monday arvo.

I had my hopes high in terms of the interior since Awesome canteen is filled with quirky retro stuff I adore... Some of my friends didn't quite get the concept of Prologue's interior direction as it looks like your typical neighborhood chinese restaurant but with a twist- serving japanese fusion food and jazz music filling the air.

The bottom line is, it's worth a visit even if you don't get the concept- you'll understand the food.

Opens on Mondays, closes on Tuesdays.
Situated just beside (at the corner of) Awesome Canteen.

Address and related post here

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