Konnyaku Fruit Jelly Mooncakes.

It's been years since I was back home celebrating Mooncake Festival and the last I remembered playing lanterns was back in 2010.
The home sickness sure grows over the years and there's really no place like your own home country- where love is abundant with family on the right, friends on the left and food all around.

Nonetheless, we all made choices we got to keep and while we are in this particular season away, we need to strive to make the best out of it, right?

The last trip home, I brought mooncake molds back with me to Seoul, so that I can have a slice of the festive season here and this was my first attempt in creating the most basic of all mooncakes- jelly mooncakes.

I used this Lychee flavoured jelly powder which is incredibly easy to handle (just add in water) and I added in sliced kiwis for the mooncakes and mandarine oranges for the koi fish to give it that extra pop of color!

Next year, i'll be attempting the real deal perhaps?

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