Our Korean Wedding Part.2

Finally! May I present to the finale post of our Korean wedding held in John's hometown.
Looking back at the pictures almost two year later sure brings back memories and sssslight regret on things I could have done better that particular morning. 

Nonetheless, we thanked God for the beautiful weather and for a space to host our guest that morning! 
We got to rent that field with a condition- we had to personally mow the lawn, cut the grass, pull the weeds a week before the wedding. It was the 3 of us, a couple of hours, a score of trash bags for that green light (but it has to be done).

So, we knew that we wanted a Korean traditional wedding because the wedding hall kind were rushed and personally uneventful for us...hence, we searched online and rang up a Korean traditional troop/dance society (from another state) to help us setup the whole shebang.
We didn't know what to expect and we certainly didn't have any sort of dry run! We were just given a list of the number of people needed to be the flowergirl, ring bearer etc...and for us to show up with our crew on that faithful day.

On that morning itself, we were told what to do, what to wear, where to stand, where to sit!! (I sat inside a tiny wooden box and had to be carried) and John was riding on a white horse!! 
Our fingers were dipped into a basin, we had to drink some sort of wine and receive "wedding ducks" from our family.
It was amusing to say the least, and did you see our pet chickens?! 
You know how the westerners release the doves? Well, we found out that day that the Koreans release the chickens! HAHA!
Also, that final walk and ribbon confetti throwing? We had black beans thrown at us (to ward off evil spirits apparently) It was a painful hit but we had our auto pilot grin on!

Then came the tea ceremony session, which is quite the same only that we were giving a blanket and our family will throw (more throwing) dates and chestnuts for us to catch- the number of catches determines the number of kids, we caught 7. 

It was immensely entertaining for us and some of John's friends were witnessing a Korean traditional wedding for the very first time! 
Mostly, they were impressed with the amount of friends that flew all the way to Korea for our wedding. Ah, thinking back...the amount of support I had from my family and friends were incredible- my girls were putting in money for the air ticket, bus rides and buying hanboks just to be able to twin with me. I felt at home that day because of their love.

Would I have done it differently?
Yes! There were loads of things I would have consider doing like renting a better bridal hanbok, go for a quick facial (as my skin was stressed up and peeling on that day with all the logistics of planning the wedding to making sure that everyone is attended to) to prepping thank you notes, etc but what's done is done and we had to be realistic to plan within our means.

Fast forward, we are now married for 2 years and boy do we have heaps to learn! So help us Lord!

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