Shake Shack, Korea.

So this is the first Shake Shack outlet here in Gangnam, Seoul.
We went on a Sunday- from the queue to when we got our burgers, the wait was 43:45.63 (yes, I timed it) but it wasn't far off, as my friend who went on a weekday, waited 30 minutes for his meal.

We had a Shroom Burger and a Double Shack Burger- both were satisfyingly juicy and delicious. The fries however was a joke! The cheese didn't even help save how pathetic our fries were- scores of tiny bits of what looks like leftovers were chucked to us.
AND no, there were no sets, you buy your fries ala carte.

The shake flavor for that particular weekend was Cookies N Chocolatey Cream, it was thick and creamy! Amazing for that weekend cheat.

It was an overall good experience, but the thought of waiting in a queue for my future juicy-soft-buns-of-a-burger instantly kills the passion.

If you can only pick a burger, I highly recommend the Shroom Burger.
Oh! and if you are wondering, our lunch came up to about $35 that day.

Subway station: Sinnonhyeon (Line 9) Exit 5, walk straight down and you'll see it on the left.

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