BBQ cow intestine.

I was never a spare part fan but coming to Korea changed it all! Gopchang (usually cow intestines) is a popular delicacy here and there are a variety of it. Usually the "cheaper" ones are smaller in diameter (probably the other part of the many different spare parts a cow or pig has, I'm not sure...I can't remember studying it). Anyways, I never knew this one in particular existed until I first tasted it in Fukuoka, it was a soup version called Motsunabe- It was delicate, exquisite and nothing like I've ever tasted before.

Then hold and behold when we got back, John decides to bring me to Obaltan which is famous for Yang de chang / 양대창 a specific part which Montsunabe uses as well!
It's double the price compared to the regular gopchang because it is of a different part and quality. Apparently it's just fats but it is an airy delectable fat that I'm willing to splurge once in awhile because...well, we only live once.

Do bear in mind that this dish contains a lot of natural oil which means nature might be calling you up a few extra time the next day.

So, should you find yourself in town looking for spare parts to eat, I recommend trying the regular road side stall gopchang and then try this at Obaltan. Both are totally different in taste and worth the tries. Oh! Do remember to order the fried rice at the end- it's quite the star too!

Obaltan is a chain store and the one I usually frequent is at Sadang Station (Line 2/ Line 4) Exit 6.
(Map here or you can key in "오발탄 사당점" into your search)

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