Still falling for you.

We drive pass this little gem called "Mangwonjeong" everyday to work and after a year, we finally got around to (walking in) it. It's a beauty in the midst of the bustling highway in front and the quiet neighborhood behind.
The Autumn leaves have falling hastily over the weekend and it's also turning dark pretty early these days. It's still magical to see how the seasons change as we don't have such back home in KL.

Work has been slightly dim, maybe it's the economy? maybe it's just us? I don't know but we sure are figuring out ways to come up with a better game plan and hopefully get to move into a new place that's bursting with natural light. The annoying part about renting in Seoul is how frequent we need to move after the contract ends and the absurdness of the housing deposit fee in general.
It's scary to think about where we'll end up mid next year, but also pretty excited to find out what God has in store for us despite the obvious.
God works in ways we cannot see and this I truly believe for you and me.

So before the trees gets completely naked- I shall shower you with more autumn images before winter officially sets in.

Be back okay?

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