The best sushi I had in Osaka!

Melts in your mouth kind of sushi meal that will put in a 90s R&B love song trance.

If you are ever in Osaka and you are looking for a great sushi joint to feast in, Jinen Sushi (near the Shisaibashi station) is highly recommended! For our short 4 day trip to Osaka, we came here twice for sushi and both times were nothing but fabulous! We had to control ourselves as we only brought that much of cash to spend.
Jinen Sushi was recommended by a friend who just got back from Osaka and she too went to Jinen twice during her trip! Our local Japanese friend was surprised that we ate in Jinen as it's loved by the locals that they usually wouldn't want to share this gem of a place.

The have an English menu if you are thinking about what or how to order. They will advise you on the 3 kinds of soy sauce to use, when and on what kind of dish.
We sat at a table the first night and at the bar on the second visit- if you were given a choice, take the bar seat for better lighting and sushi vibes.

This place isn't those 150yen conveyor sushi joint but if you are looking for quality over quantity, need I say more? We ordered 3/4 of the menu and every single piece of sushi that came just melted away in our mouths and then it's over like a lightning that came over an empty field.
We had a total of about 5 servings of butter unagi alone, that's 10 pieces on repeat FOODGASM! That's not even including the fatty tuna, grilled tuna cheeks and of course squid with urchin that made us closed our eyes and being so grateful to be able to taste food like this!

Okay, Top 5 recommended sushi (in no particular order) should you need some help to kick start your order list:

1) Butter unagi
2) Grilled salmon seasoning
3) Squid with urchin
4) Grilled meat of tuna cheek
5) Tempura

Map to Jinen Sushi can be found here.
Operating hours: 11am-4am.

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