Labiotte Pink Peony Soothing Mask.

There are tons of mask selections on the market and now that I've tried a few.. I'm slowly recognizing my favourites types. 

To avoid being bias with my personal preferences by drowning the feed with the same kind of selections- i'll continue to have a little bit of this and that with hopes that it will help you shop better.

I tried on the Marryeco fresh soothing sheet mask range from Labiotte which I took on a trip and wore it on before putting on my daily makeup.
It dries up fairly well for a 20 minute wear and I would say it's a light mask to pop on, nothing creamy or wet about it but you can feel the tightness on your skin.
If you have normal to oily skin, you can skip putting on moisturizer and straight to bed or sunscreen if you are heading out!

Till the next mask~^^
This Labiotte sheet range is retailing at 2,000won per piece.

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