Mediheal Circle Point Mask (review)

Mediheal mask range is apparently huge with a global following testifying that they are the holy grail of Korean sheet masks and a must get when K-beauty shopping.

There's a huge variety of mask range available under Mediheal and if you are gungho to find out if it's truly worth the hype- you can actually get one of each to try and put it on daily (1 day 1 mask skincare routine is pretty popular in Korea).

So today, I'll be reviewing on 1 of the 2 range I got from Memebox and I picked this first because it looks intriguing.
It's my first trying on circle point mask and because I never know where the pressure points are, this mask was fool proof and entertaining!

Place the chips side onto your skin okay apparently the chips are not suppose to touch your skin (I tried both ways and didn't mind both!) and gently tap the pressure points a few times. The recommended wearing time is 10-20 minutes but if you are not in a hurry, put it on for 30 minutes or until it dries up.

The remaining essence are not on the watery side but it absorbs into the skin rather quickly. Personally this mask leans towards a serum/essence care and if you have dry skin like moi, you should go ahead and put on your moisturizer per usual to finish off your pampering session.

Mediheal circle point mask is retailing at 4,000won per piece and there are 3 different kinds to choose from which are black (the one I tried one), gold and blue. As always when in doubt, take anything that says Aqua and for this instance, choose the blue option.
You are able to find Mediheal mask online or at most drugstores in Korea like Olive Young or Watsons!

Till the next mask~^^

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