Make Prem Firming Mask

Oh dear, it has been extremely taxing taking pictures and recording at the same time.
Not sure how long i'll be able to keep up juggling both while retaining the quality I wish to have on my images (at least).
Nonetheless, I hope you'll find the Beauty section somewhat enlightening when you go about your beauty picks.

Today i'll be reviewing another mask from Make P:rem, a double layer mask which also covers the bottom of your chin area.
It's loaded with essence and if you don't like wet, you might not like this because it can get really wet.
The recommended wearing time is 20mins but I think you should just put it on and sleep because the amount of juice left on the mask is insanely generous!
I didn't need to put on any of my skincare after this mask session and I can still feel a layer coating my skin in the morning which I personally like because it's better than waking up with a dry skin.

Layering me. Firming mask is currently retailing at 5,000won for 2 sheets.
A steal I would say for the amount of juice that came with it!

Till the next mask~^^

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