3-Point Shot.

We turn 3 this year and to commemorate another milestone, of course the wife wanted couple pictures!
It does feel like we have hundreds of pictures taken together but oddly enough when I trace back, we actually don't! 
John really layans my vanity but it's not every time he's game on doing it but for the extra mile he goes, i'm beyond grateful (because we would need to wake up extra early and lug around the tripod).

It's Chuseok today in Korea and we are open for business today- a handful of customers came in for the last minute gift sets and we are hoping to see more buyers before we close for the remaining holidays.

We are in the middle of the changing seasons with Autumn somewhat here (cooling not cold), sunny sunshine and blue skies.

Happy Mooncake Festival to all back home~I miss playing and seeing lanterns with you.

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