Sea Circus + Kim Soo, Bali

This was our first meal in Bali and although it's one of the popular food spots, we didn't quite enjoyed it as much as we did in Sisterfields.

During our car ride to Sea Circus, the driver asked if we were going just for pictures (apparently people come just to take pictures with the colourful exterior and then leave without eating).

No doubt the setting is relaxed and whimsical but we might just have our food hopes way too high. We didn't know they were 2 separate menus for Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner- we might have enjoyed it if we woke up earlier for the Breakfast menu.

Try the Baja fish tacos and chargrilled corns and skip the milkshakes.

Regardless, if you are into acai bowls and tacos in general, you might enjoy this place which is a little more laid back.


Kim Soo (a home decor store cum cafe) is just a few doors away from Sea Circus and if you are looking for a home decor inspo/haul and cakes, this is a place for some eye candy. The prices are not cheap (Bali in general is not Bangkok bargain shopping kind of prices) but things in there are attractive and captivating that might just change your mind!

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