nothing changes...

"Nothing changes if nothing changes"
I read this quote somewhere in the morning one day and it rang so loudly inside.

The past weeks have been demanding- mostly draining news of love ones being ill 
and the struggle to put aside my selfishness to be present with them.

Putting others before myself has been testing and while it's easy to be in the role for a day or two- 
it takes genuine care to be in it for as long as it rains.
The sudden demands of life distracted my plans to plan out my creative goals, sure...I still could do 
it regardless the situation but the annoying thing is how mood driven I am when it comes to doing most stuff.
Yes, it's bad- how creativity and drive comes to a halt when there's no jumping teddy bears and cotton candy clouds.

Even if the rain mellows to a drizzle, will it be enough step out? I continued to question myself.
I broke down and reconsider my attitude of being so easily distracted, I had to find some sort of way to get back into a focus.

As I was doing some default work the other day, I heard a sermon and it says something about the importance of putting a timeline to your goals and how time impacts the change.

I never thought about it that way- setting a timeline but now I understand how time is needed to keep focus, to keep track of time used/wasted and how it might help me get out of the dull mood that comes ever so often.

Here's a reminder to self and I hope it encourages you to be the change you want to see happen in your life.

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