A piece of Home.

Gong xi Gong xi everyone!! Hope you all had a great CNY this year. 
I naively thought with time, I would have grown used to being away during the holidays but it only gets melancholy...the longing deepens to be back- to be surrounded with love ones over great food but mostly, the constant rewinds of the beautiful past that I had waking up and prepping to receive angpaos and the eager wait for my cousins to arrive and then spending the many days lounging around at my grandparents' place.

Those were great days, those were the days...

Certainly, time have changed many details on my selective memories...
Grandpa passed away, grandma passed away, we uprooted, we grew up, we grew apart...we forget and to some, we are forgotten.

I don't meant to sound so depressing but it's true that we can't comprehend what we have till it's gone.

Anyways, how do you like my batik cheongsam that I previously mentioned about? The mandarin collar fetish is still growing strong this year and I've plans so make more with my own prints (which I have procrastinated on for 2 years now) although I really don't have places to go with them.

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