Viva la Online Shopping!

Whenever I’m planning a trip back to Malaysia, i’ll usually shop online for clothes and shoes beforehand so that when I arrive home, the parcels are waiting for me and I can wear them during my stay. 

I don’t usually get to shop for shoes especially in Korea because their sizing runs pretty small for my feet and the pricing (Yes, I still convert $$ on certain items) is quite high compare to what we can find in Malaysia. 

So, what I’ll usually do (probably a month before) is to turn on notifications on brands I plan to purchase from on Instagram and bookmark links to track the current availability and price.

We have 11street in Korea and they are one of the top shopping sites and it was good to know that Malaysia now has them too. You can search for 11street coupons to excess numerous coupon deals and promotions.

Another online site for deals is Qoo10 which is no stranger to online shoppers. You can get online exclusive prices on brands like Nestle- which is a great for stocking up on Honey Stars and Milo!
Check out Qoo10 coupons for ongoing deals which means more savings!

If you are an online shopper, you’ll know that cash backs are really important because the saving does add up over time and you’ll be happy you did the extra step.
I’ve been using ShopBack and they are legit in paying up on the duration stated.  

There are many reasons why online shopping helps us to shop better and more efficiently but if you still need convincing- here are a few reasons to shop online. 

In Korea, we do most of our shopping online  to get the best deals (from getting hand wash to fresh seafood) because we can do site by site comparison and use up credit card points and such.
It’s a skill to be thrifty and it pays in ways only a person who loves unboxing and a great deal will appreciate.

Btw, how do you like my little green corner at home? The calming view helps when I'm shopping online battling the pros and cons to justify my checkout cart. haha!

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