this Mask be goodbye...

Over the weekend, I finally opened up a mask that I kept and wanted to try (i kept it because it was pretty pricey and I wanted to use it when I needed relaxation the most)... AND so I finally did and while the mask creamy essence felt a lil heavier than other masks I've tried-I didn't think much of it because if it was something too heavy for my skin-probably a small pimple or 2 will surface and I'll know not to use it again.

The mask gave me a glow throughout the day which I was completely ecstatic about and wanted to share the review of this fabulous find come Monday...

Then Monday came and while I was transferring the images and prepping for the mask review...I felt a slight itch on my chin and when I checked the mirror- my entire face was red like it was burnt, rough and bumpy with white bumps (I later researched on the white bumps and it's called MILIA) all over the side of my lips down to my chin, T-zone and under eyes!

I've never experienced such a case with face mask before and this is the first and worst breakout caused by a mask to date and although I can't be 1000% sure it was entirely the mask's fault...the marks on my face is shaped like the mask and it was the only new skincare thing i had on my skin!

It must have been something in the ingredients that my skin was allergic to.

I went to see the doctor, he gave me some pills to eat and I'll be seeing him again.
There's no one to blame but myself for this adventures mess of wanting to try on new hydrating mask products to you know, maintain my skin's youthfulness... and it's such a pity as I have a line up of masks which I've already bought, wanting to try and now...i'm just terrified!

Urgh, just when I could kiss my foundation goodbye.
Here I am popping in pills and trying not to look into the mirror.

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