"Killer Eyes / Killer Shoes."
Sounds familiar?
Bet you've use one of the lines when you are out- on yourself or someone else. ㅋ

Branding two of the iconic must haves:
Stiletto + Mascara = LONG EXTREME STILETTO.

Stilettos for Your Lashes!
Now you can have longer,sleeker,sharper and seductive lashes as a 5inch stilettos would do for your legs!
The Pro-Vitamin B5 and silk protein enhanced formula will condition and strengthen your lashes like how a black patent shoe would shine!

Pretty alluring isn't it?

It's all in the eyes, and my eyes LOVE the seductive heel packaging!
(It's like having a lost heel stash away in the makeup bag! haha)

The new Maybelline New York Long Extreme Stiletto is priced at RM32.90
and it will be available nationwide in all major retailers and pharmacies in June 2011. Look for it!

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