National Museum of Singapore.

It's a little back dated but hey! any day is perfect day for a museum post!
So, I was in Singapore for about 9hours and after the event that was held in the Museum, we got some time to spare and headed to the many exhibitions inside.
And of course the main exhibition is The Singapore Biennale.

No prize for guessing my favorite art piece! 큭

Other mini ones were:
Beauty in Black: A display of 18dresses from 1950s to 2000s

Singapore Living Galleries - Food


Singapore Living Galleries - Photography

I met my camera's long lost grandpa. ㅋㅋㅋ

The Exhibitions are still on!
Do hop over if you are around the neighborhood- following with an afternoon soiree with the girls before ending the day with some friends over for dinner- samgyeopsal!
mmm... doesn't it sound so blissful already?

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