virtual outfit: night time.

I went into Uniqlo today and found this JINRO tee!
Haha, i thought it was cute because it reminded me about the night meetings we all had in Korea (the many supper food delivery can offer to instant noodle cook- army style!) ㅋㅋ
I must say, though the color is not really my cup of tee, or something i would wear out to the malls, it is however a supper-worthy-outfit!


I feel really random today, so here goes...
Step by step to cook up an awesome Korean noodle supper!
1) Boil Water.
2) Add Kimchi and the flavoring (from the noodle pack) and keep boiling it.
3) After about 30sec or 1min or more (depending on your wood fire)- drown in the noodles.
4) Let it boil till the noodles are 70% done, then crack in an egg.
5) Continue boiling it and when its' done and away from the fire- place the
sliced cheese (maybe like 2 slices) on top and bon appetit! 잘 먹겠습니다!

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