Nami Island in Spring.

This marks my 2nd visit to Nami Island and a lot has changed since that Autumn.
The heoddeok (korean sweet pancake) that I so praised about is now pre-cooked and sold by uniformed part time staffs. 
The warmth of that particular store has subtracted but numerous sites have been added and more still are being constructed. AND haha, I didn't know ducks go down like that when they are getting food! hahaha.. cute butts!

I guess, it's something about your first time and doesn't quite come back...
Nonetheless, it's still a great place to go- Spring for picnics and Autumn for long walks and gorgeous pictures of the fallen/falling leaves!

Oh yes! I went back to the same dakgalbi restaurant (this town "Chuncheon" is famous for dakgalbi) with my group of friends this time and guess what?!- I was sited at the very SAME spot I did when I was there with my sister years ago ^^

*The restaurant is situated near the stretch of restaurants towards the entrance of Nami Island.
Do leave some space after the dakgalbi for the noodles shown above!

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Take a train to Gapyeong Station and then a taxi to Nami-som parking lot.
After you have purchased your ticket (remember to bring your passport!)
You'll be taking a free ferry ride from the dock to Nami Island. (Travel time: 5-6min)

More details can be found here.

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