Sunkist and Korean Grapes.

One for the joys of being able to walk freely around the hood is the sight of pretty flowers that are plated around the sidewalks.
The weather is starting to get cardigan-friendly around here and now closer to the mid of September- the weather is never lovelier! With the flowers blooming at the fullest and the striking sun with heat not enough to make you sweat- makes it even easier to make afternoon street shopping dates!

Oh! Korean Grapes are so much cheaper and sweeter now (in it's peak season!), and it's nothing like what we have in Malaysia! It's the kind you pop into your mouth, suck out the flesh and can easily discard the skin kindda grape! (3 clusters of grapes is less than RM20 now^^)

::UNIQLO orange shorts/ UNIQLO cardigan/ FOREVER 21 floral top / BANGKOK shoes::

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