Just the other night, my gf and I were chatting and she asked what I was having for dinner.
I told her that I was waiting for my pork ribs delivery and she was flabbergasted!

*If you didn't already know, Korea is indeed the mecca for food delivery- they can deliver just about any meal that can be packed even if you are by the river or on a hill (yes, like the dramas).

So, to my friends back home...
I recently found out that FOODPANDA delivers just the same to your home or offices!
They deliver a wide range of delicacies from the usual pizza to beef ribs, korean fried chicken/bulgogi...even cakes and bubble tea!

So, if you are interested to try out their services- you may enter this BLOG GIVEAWAY as I'll be giving out:
-5 vouchers worth (RM10 each) to 5 readers staying in Malaysia.
-3 vouchers worth (BND 10each) to 3 interested readers staying in Brunei.

All you have to do is follow @lingjessica (on Instagram) and leave your Instagram username, email and location (Malaysia/Brunei) at the comment box below. 
*Comments will not be published for your privacy* ;) 
*Winners will be notified by email on 26th August 2014.


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