Tropic swing bridge.

2 out of the 5 themed pools: the Red- Sonthaya (sun during sunset) pool and the Yellow – Tawan (sun during the day) pool.

My Mariah's just like honey tan is beginning to look like a pale ice tea as I transition back into reality.
Although I'm very much still blogging from an island...the trees are always greener in an award winning resort, ey?
I didn't read much review or dive into much details on our honeymoon stay albeit being elated (I even had a pinterest board dedicated for it)! I reckon I wanted the surprise, the oohs and ahhs of the unknown or maybe I was just too occupied with the wedding preparation that it carelessly slipped my mind.

This was Day 2- with our eager hearts and a map in hand as we headed to the swinging bridge to explore the largeness of the resort and a mission to locate all the coloured pools for our next swimming spot.
The Purple – Napa (sky during sunrise) was the one that got away, as we only managed to find 4 coloured pool in our entire trip.

The Intercontinental Samui was the first ever resort in Koh Samui to have an infinity pool which overlook acres of coconut plantation...had I known that I would be spoilt for 7 pool choices ( SEVEN!!- 2 infinity pools and 5 coloured theme pools inspired by the colour palette of the sky) would I be more camera prepared for it. haha!

Oh yes, Day 1 will come next!

::BYJAP pink turban + sunglasses / H&M big straw hat/ ZARA lace top and high waisted pants/ STEVE MADDEN gold studded shoes::

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