Bridal Shower (Part Uno)

I had not one but three(!) bridal showers planned out for me when I was back home.
I often wonder, what did I do to deserve all of them in my life?! I don't know but I really thank Jesus for giving me friends that not only remembers me and prays for me but spoils me so badly with time and effort. *sobs*
This was part one from my bridal shower weekends!
Nicole from Mint Events who was heavily pregnant headed up the whole decor that night because she is simply a superwoman! and friends who took time off to cook that night- I'm at a loss for words!
I sincerely wished we had a longer time to mingle and a spare stomach because I could really use some kuih talam right about now.

Really missing home this Merdeka day.
Happy Merderka Malaysia, may you arise!

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