run on water.

I'm not much of runner, although I really do envy those that could run for miles just to clear their mind of stuff.
Since moving to Korea...I've not been able to swim as much as I would like to- for the lack of space and facilities (no, really!). Nonetheless, for the love of me- I am trying to move more while it's still warm enough to break a sweat.
Also, I think i've found a spot for running here in the island- an evening run with a view like that! I could gain muscles stamina just by looking at it!

시댁 ~ 청산도에서 제가 멋진 곳을 찾았어요! 신흥리 해수욕장~ 여긴 어림잡아도 100미터가 넘는 해수욕장이 넓게 펼쳐저 있는데요~ 여기서 달리기를 하기엔 제격인거 같아요~ 얇게 깔린 바닷물 그리고 부드러운 모래들... 언젠가 부터 가보고 싶었던 곳에 이제서야 와서 사진도 찍고 소원도 풀었어요..ㅋㅋ 소원이라고 할것까진 없지만 그래도 멋진곳이기에~ 사진으로 보는 것보다 직접 보는게 더 멋져용~~

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