Kakao Bank/Friends.

Woori Bank has recently team up with Kakao Talk to form Kakao Bank where ATM cards and bank books come adored with the cutesy team of Kakao Friends. I didn't think of going through the hassle of riding the Subway and queuing up in the bank for the sake of cuteness but as I brushed away the idea- it haunted me and I caught myself red handed, beaming and feeling contented while I examined through the cuteness of my decision, that day.

I went all the way to the Woori Bank in Sogang University because my instinct John told me that the queue is much shorter there and they probably have more stocks for Kakao fans (since they are situated in a campus site). All you need to do is show your ID card and hand over your previous plain old boring bank book and there's no charges for cuteness!

Once you are done, walk back to Sinchon Station (Line 2) and consider heading over to the mall as the Kakao Pop Up store is currently open till the end of Febuary 2015 with overpriced novelties (but oh so C-U-T-E!!).

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