Queens Bagel, Ehwa Womans University.

I wouldn't willingly order a bagel in the past for the fact that it's usually a tough and bland bite.
Queens Bagel was a recommendation by a friend who was studying in the States and she expressed her extreme delight that the bagels sold here were similar to the ones she had whilst studying. 
A score of cream cheeses, a long queue and sold out bagels by noon pretty sums up this tight spot right in front of Ehwa Womans University.

Doors open at 7:30am, come early to be spoilt for bagel choices or be left with the sad leftovers like whole wheat and plain bagels which aren't so bad considering the amount of cream cheese choices you still can have a say on.
....or come by for their lunch specials like bulgogi bagel and texas melt bagel (the latter is nothing to shout about) that is served till about 1:30pm?

My favourite would be the onion bagel (the smell alone would linger in your kitchen long after you've consumed it while making you crave for more!) and my staple top 3 picks for cream cheese would be the bacon mushroom, lemon and honey walnut.
There are options- them lathering the cream cheese on the bagels for you or have it separately packed in mini containers for you to do it yourself.

If you are planning on getting a few bagels to store at home- heat it up with a mini toaster or oven after running the bagel in water. This will help bring back the moist and you get that nice soft bite.

Direction: Ehwa Womans Univ Station (Line 2, Exit 3) walk all the way down towards the University.

Updates: (3rd Sept 2015)
They now have EARL GREY!!! and maple raisin walnut cream cheesessss! Oh dear, you best be going there now now ^^!
They are closed for good ㅠㅠ I've not been able to find them anywhere and no brand (yet) has come close to this amount of yummyness.

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