Retrona Pie, Samcheong-dong.

During my Korean language study days, I got to know a group of friends that loves to eat! After classes got sweeter the closer we got to know each other and the amount of travelling and money spent for food and cakes were sweet memories i'll cherish for life! At the beginning, we only spoke a little Korean and since our mother tongues were different, food was the main connector till one by one they left.

Retrona Pie was one of our cake spots and my personal favourites here are the Banana Crunch and Earl Grey Chocolate pie! The earl grey leans towards a sweeter note with a strong earl grey scent and the banana crunch has a nutty bite hence the "crunch" in the name but nothing too nutty that's annoying for anti-nut fan like me self to purely enjoy this banana delight.


Located in Samcheong-dong, this cake shop is situated near the Prime Minister's Legation (you'll notice police around) and it's situated a the back alley, not visible from the main street. 
Map direction in Korean here.

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