Cafe: NRParlour / 낙랑파라


A neighbourhood called Yeonnam-dong (연남동) is growing on me- where quirky stores are opening and cafes like this one in particular is buzzing about in the Korean cafe-hopping scene.
This particular area is currently still in that stage of being nostalgically charming without the pretentious crowd (or so I would like to think) and I've been noticing a number of photo enthusiast doing their photo walks here as well.
I'll elaborate with more pictures of this area in another post but coming back to this cafe- NR Parlour/ 낙랑파라 is a cafe cum vintage store that sells lamps, cutleries to small trinkets which isn't insanely expensive compared to other second hand dealers. (Note: Vintage shopping in Korea is not a steal most of the time compared to what you can find in Melbourne per se.)

They have a basement seating area with mismatch couches as well as an outdoor patio behind. The range of cakes is limited to 3? 5? um, little and the one we picked looked the most photogenic. It's overall a cozy dim cafe and our spot at the ground floor was probably the most well lit area. Hopefully more cakes will appear in the menu the next time around.^^
Worth the visit!

A map direction is in Korean here but fret not, just follow the sign and you'll be able to find it- start walking from Hongik University Subway Station, Exit 3.

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